Jumbo Liv-Tonic

Jumbo Liv-Tonic

Herbal Supplement for Growth, Production and Liver Health
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Liver protection & blood circulation.

Muscle development in Animals/Poultry.

Increase in milk production for Cows/Goats.

Optimizes hormone functioning which results in improved fertility.

Strengthens immune system after antibiotics, deworming & vaccination. Improves digestion, food conversion & growth.

Cow and Goat

Visible Benefits

Jumbo Liv tonic will enhance milk production or animal growth (10-20 %)which makes it profitable for the farmer.


Note : The liver is a vital organ involved in metabolism, storage, secretion, detoxification, and production. When the liver functioning gets affected and with this other body functions also affected and the negative effect created in the body leads to conditions like anorexia, indigestion and stress conditions.